Saturday, October 24, 2009

jerry. october 23, 2009

so ready to go...around and around...

so its been a few weeks. Yvonne held on to the fabulous four until my return from California. I brought them home and got them acclimated for a few days...keeping them caged...outside during the day and in the house at night...they could fall prey to raccoons etc at night. i released them on friday, glad the weather was good.

Photographically, it
ended up being a let down for me in the end as I couldn't stay home to work the day of their release. the girls were so ready to go and it took only a few moments for them to find their nerve to step out. once out they were off exploring the trees...around and around the trunks the ran. the boys weren't quite so eager and they were just starting to think about emerging when i had to head out. so all those weeks shooting and i missed the biggest part. such is life.

i saw the four of them this morning around and around the tree trunks. jerry's is pretty easy to spot because he has so much red in his fur. considering they were hand fed, handled and talked to they sure have taken to being in the trees. as it should be.

cage o' squirrels = doggie tv

thank you, Yvonne, for all you do for these little ones... and thank you for putting up with me! you are an amazing lady!


these little pups are the latest four leggeds to benefit from Yvonne's kind heart. she fostered the pregnant momma, Abbey, and helped her deliver 11 pups...24 hour labor, 8 hour delivery. 10 black one
chocolate...5 girls, 5 boys and 1 choc
olate boy...